Friday, May 29, 2009

Work Envy

Due to what I believe was a very very stupid mistake... I have no job. And seeing as how I'm so PICKY about it... I don't think I will have a job all summer.
And this is ok.
Or well... it should be.
What's actually happening is that I am hardcore envying all my friends with jobs.
I'm determined not to be obsessed with money, having money and working to fill up my time.
The world has so much to offer, why should I spend my summer cooped up in the house or spending 35 hours a week doing something I hate.
I managed to spend over 6 months with no job, no friends, and a minimum amount of comprehension to get by in French, I think I can manage a couple more months. Especially since there are no bills to pay.
I'm already taking two classes and plan to volunteer at the AGO later on in the season.
I think instead of fretting, I'll buy a metropass and spend my summer hanging around the city, sketching, exploring and hanging out with people I haven't seen for a while.
I'm determined to get through my stack of books, get school funding, volunteer, learn to sew (maybe create a couple of pieces) and make the BEST PORTFOLIO EVER! (actually best portfolio I ever had)

I am in fact quite excited for all this. This is turning out to be an exercise
in lifestyle management. Making due with the bare minimum and enjoying it.
And hey--If it just so happens that I can pick up a little extra money here and there, why not?