Monday, October 26, 2009

Right Where it Belongs

Yet again, it's been a while.
Clearly, the fashion thing didn't stick. haha. ok it sort of did, but I chose to carefully disentangle and disengage myself from that world and plunge back into Fine Arts.
Yes, I have changed my mind YET AGAIN.
I did some thinking in the middle of the summer, and applied last minute to Centennial College for the Fine Arts Studio program.
This was after rejecting OCAD.
oh. I laugh at myself. Right now, in fact, I am laughing at myself. Not with myself. At.

I figured (and still do) that 2 years is a good length of time. If I change my mind... well... it's not the end of the world and I won't be wasting ALL my savings.

So far, it's good. It has been a seamless transition back into painting and drawing and whatnot. Feels like all the good parts of Claude and none of the crap of actual High School. The only downside is the commute, but I'll deal.

I'm currently curating a student show that is scheduled for early November. I have to finish writing the press release, design the PR materials and hunt down everyone who will be in the show just for last minute confirmations. Not to mention I'll somehow need to get them to pitch in $10-15 bucks for the posters and cards etc.
Oh dear.
What did I get myself into?
Along with being an FAS rep and writing for the FASSIE (Fine Arts Studio sure is excellent) artist newsletter... I'm in just a tad over my head. I'm not even thinking about the crap I have to actually do called homework. yup. Good stuff.
But overall, I'm enjoying myself.
After last year, it's good to be busy and not have to worry about the mundane everyday things like paying bills, washing the dishes, vacuuming and grocery shopping.
My money and time goes towards Caffeine, books, writing and creating in general.
Who am I to complain?
Eventually I'll update with information about the exhibit.

Au Revoir
Signed: Still waiting for my illusive MacBook