Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Life Circus

No, it may not be the most creative or eloquent title for this post, however, it gets the point across:
Life is like a circus in which you are a performer. Most of us are jugglers, which is why it's not an issue anymore. No-one feels sorry for you or bats and eyelash if you say
"I'm so busy, there's just so much to do."
Too many jugglers taking stage.
We've become boring.
Then there are the tightrope walkers. You know who I'm talking about; those people who take risks, often with their eyes closed just for kicks (or hell, as a challenge) and manage to make it through without much of a problem. They're a little impulsive and just DO things.
THOSE people are entertaining.
In all actuality, that is my nature, but I'm not in any sort of position o do that right now.

I am terrible at time management, which is why I have trouble juggling things which have a deadline or require a set schedule. In other words pretty much everything.
Everything is so strict this year. There are no extensions, and I have several English projects as well as an Art History assignment due tomorrow,
plus a Physiology Test somewhere in the beginning of November, another English Project and a painting due next week.

Not to mention I promised myself a doctors appointment (partially to get a note from my doctor for my English/WC teacher) and I have work. Soon enough, hopefully--or not, I'm not sure anymore to be honest--I'll be volunteering at the AGO. Good for Art School Applications and who knows, maybe I'll switch from Studio to Art History? Oh yea. Social life. oh dear.

I swear I'm bipolar to boot, which just causes me to lay in bed, motionless and hopeless for days and the to get up one night at 2 am, finish everything I have overdue, run around like a decapitated chicken fixing all the shit I let pile up and then get exhausted and collapse in the same hopeless heap all over again.

*sigh* You'd think I'd be use to it by now, but I'm not. Still exhausting.

Anyway, I'll post some photos of the progress I'm making on my painting as well as the finished piece sometime next week.

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