Saturday, April 5, 2008

Zee futur avaits! Unt! Chair paintings

I've got this crazy idea to go to art school over seas. Preferrably not somewhere obvious and exorbitantly priced.
I would go to Prague or something, but seeing as how I don't know the language, there would be no way of getting around the "international student" label and therefore the prices would still be exorbitant.
Which means I'm left with Russian Speaking Countries (kind of a hit and miss with all the post-USSR bitterness)
If my *ahem* plan goes well, next summer I will be packing for/unpacking in St. Petersburg. They seem to have a pretty good Culture/Arts university and the Imperial Academy. If not full time, I expect to at least take some classes while I work/explore.
The other option is to go to Baku, and apply to an Art school in person. They're seriously behind with this newfangled interweb thing.
Well, I'll update that as soon as everything is settled, which will be next year.

In the meantime, I have 1 week to start and finish an academic painting of an object.
I really want to do a chair but wasn't sure where to start until I found the artist who did the chair above.

And this one, which I am strangely fond of:

Ada Sadler,
SFSU Chair

For painting, I use almost exclusively acrylics but with the help of some mediums and stategic use of highlights, I'm sure I could manage something technically similar.
I do want to take advantage of the Art studio's Bauhaus-esque industrial decor, pipes and bare walls. The lighting is also superb, if I can catch some light rays streaming through the blinds. Or I could do that in my room.

Anyway, I have some online Biology work to do.

Here is the artists website, she does bathtubs too. ;)

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