Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kenneth Cole Love/Hate

Last week I got my Kenneth Cole shipment in. I bought everything on sale, and was--mostly--very pleased.
I completely fell in love with all 3 items I pucrhased (oxford booties, black tote/handbag and brown winter boots) and got my heart broken when I realized that THE PERFECT boots were actually a size 10, not a size 9.
I only buy boots in a size nine because in the winter I wear a lot of layers on my feet. I'm usually a size 8/8.5 dsepending on the height of the heel. What irked me the most is that the box clearly states 40 EU. This means they are a size 10 in North america. For some reason unbeknownst to me, Kenneth Cole Productions decided (as told to me by a c.rep) that THEIR size 40 European is a size 9.
No... seriously... I didn't realize you could choose size conversions.
How... I don't even know. There is no reasonable explanation for this. I'm european, I KNOW what a size 40 is. And I know what a size 9 is. They are NOT THE SAME THING.
So, with sadness in my heart I have to unload these boots for a fraction of their price. Yes, I was lucky enough to only pay 1/3 of their original retail price, and they now sell for 250 on the site (from 325), but I wanted them so bad. It's not worth it for me to pay another 60 bucks for shipping them and paying for shipping a new pair.

My boyfriend's camera is a bit wonky right now, and I'm trying to get a DSLR for school next year (yes, I got into college despite being essentially a dropout... actually missing one credit to graduate, but either way...) for my Visual Merch. program. Lots of photography and drawing involved, which is very cool. So my point is, all the good pictures I took were erased, but here are a few of the bag and oxford booties anyway-- I can't wait till all the snow melts and I can wear them out all the time.

In the meantime, I'm thinking about ways to get my hands on the McQ line for Target in March. Possibly while still in Canada.

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