Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mixed update

I feel like such a lazy, lazy person.
It's horrendous.
I've been back in Toronto for 13 days now and, granted I have managed to completely repaint, refurnish and reorganize my room, see several friends, go to my beloved IKEA... I feel I haven't done anything with myself.The easter weekend is NOT helping.

I had an interview at Club Monaco. I would love a job there, more-so than at any other retail store (except maybe the Bay or Holts... though not in sales). I wore my Joe Fresh (a shoot off of Club Monaco- HA) cropped beige slim slacks, a black tank top with a sheer black button down, my Kenneth Cole oxfords and pearls. Yes pearls. They were a "YAY! You're not a complete failure--thank god you're going to college!" gift from my mother.
The interview went well. It was me and a french guy in a closet with 2 employees (who were very nice) and I tended to dominate since his english was a bit lacking. Points. I felt a bit idiotic as I couldn't stop smiling. Excitement... yes I know... it's RETAIL and RETAIL is shit when it comes to employee treatment, but I actually like the clothes and culture and the store. Plus I want to try for the Visual aspect more so than sales.
I love that their employees are trained to be CM stylists.
Anyway, cross my fingers, I hope to be called in for a second inteview. Not sure what I would wear, but I don't want to get ahead of myself just yet.

Now that I'm officially a visual merchandising student (at least once I pay my deposit), I'm giving myself a bit of leeway to buy art supplies and a few books. As though I don't have enough.
Whilst cleaning out my room (before painting it) I found my Polaroid camera-- which means I must buy film as well. So if anyone comes across cheap Polaroid film for a 636, do tell.

Currently coveting:

Swatch Watch

Dr. Martens

I should eBay. Too bad my NEW Toshiba laptop is dead. really... I'm a sad bunny when it comes to laptops. I think I should be more careful, not that I did anything this time (it didn't fall or anything). Calling Toshiba Canada first thing tomorrow.

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