Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Illustration and Frustration

This past Sunday (19th) I attended my first Fashion Illustration and design class at George Brown. It was SO much fun.
This was mainly an introductory class so we just copied pictures out of magazines and then altered them to get fashion proportions down and practice hand-eye coordination.
After, we drew our own swimsuit designs on the model (meaning we had to draw what their shape looks like without clothes, without seeing it. I didn't realize what a great exercise this is. It gives you some focus and a starting place, but tests your anatomical knowledge and technical skills. Plus, redrawing different designs (your own or copied) is a great way to develop creativity and learn to draw movement of fabrics/clothes.
I had to go out and blow more of the money I don't have on paper. A larger pad of tracing paper than what I already owned, and the same for a watercolour pad. Thankfully I own all the other supplies I need.
I'm enjoying this SO much, I'm think instead of spending my meager savings on clothes, I'll take a sewing class. Both courses are actually a part of the Fashion Fundamentals Certificate. Who knows, by the time I graduate in 2011, I might have 2 degrees (cert.+dipl.).
Teach a man to fish... you know.

Plus, I recently found the [sole] textbook I will need for school for 20 bucks. It looks brand new but there's barely noticeable damage on the inner back cover. MSRP: $85+tax.

Stayed Downtown at my friend's place and applied for more jobs this morning. Tomorrow... horror of all horrors: I'm getting my wisdom teeth surgically removed. They haven't come out yet. Oh... my... I don't even know WHAT to expect.
Wish me luck.


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